A Tale of Ten Sentences — the first third of Book 5 starts coming together

By Holly Lisle


This morning I ended up deleting one of yesterday’s primary story conflicts, replacing it with something bigger, deeper, and more meaningful, and coming up with the fourth and final story conflict — which had eluded me yesterday.

I then ALSO hammered out the first ten 30-word story sentences. (Raw concepts for the first ten chapters of book five.)

This took me the full three hours of my fiction time, required a lot of writing, tossing, reconsidering, talking to myself, and checking back on the previous four outlines to make sure I wasn’t dropping essential threads, or forgetting what I want to accomplish in the last book of this first five-book series.

What do I want to accomplish?

Book Five of series one has to give the entire series a complete, conclusive ending. No cliffhangers, no primary stories dropped or forgotten, no cheating. 

And what I did today was a solid start on that.

I’m happy with what I got — EVEN THOUGH I know damn well by the time I’m writing book five, I’ll have something better.

Here’s the thing I’ve discovered for my own work: To write something BETTER, first I have to write SOMETHING.

And today was a pretty good day of “write something.”


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