A Spiritualist Angle emerges… #WABWM

In working through the Create A World Clinic, I’m also developing the worldbuilding for a story of my own, demonstrating the techniques I use and showing my work as part of the course.

And today, I got the first hints of a practitioner of one of the branches of the Spiritualist movement operating in the story’s past.

It was an interesting catch, which arose from something I remembered vaguely from two separate threads of US history that ran simultaneously: that the Roaring Twenties were concurrent with several new approaches to the 1800’s fascination with table rapping and materializing physical manifestations of spirits.

I got 625 words today. But they gave me in an interesting direction, and provided a good demo for the Divide for Conflict section of the Line World chapter.

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3 responses to “A Spiritualist Angle emerges… #WABWM”

  1. Amazingrace Grace V. Robinette Avatar
    Amazingrace Grace V. Robinette

    Writing a Spiritualist angle – Holly cites the Roaring Twenties with the table rapping seance board interest group. My latest novel (currently titled Earthquake ) has developed input from angels, and the dear departed. Interesting things have happened. Thanks, Holly. Glad I’m not alone.

  2. hanna Avatar

    Is there a way to read through the blog posts and replies in like a single super long file. Remember how WABWM was in one of its first incarnations?

    I am not saying the current way is bad, I just would find it easier to keep up if there was a long file to read through and catch up.

  3. Hanna Avatar

    I am almost back to writing. No words yet, just glad that hand surgery was a success. I can hold a pencil again and write. Yay!

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