A Sign of Hope

The possible — and long overdue — end of partial-birth abortion, a gruesome and never medically-necessary procedure that is nothing less than infanticide.

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6 responses to “A Sign of Hope”

  1. cherylp Avatar

    My right as a woman to choose whether or not to have a child is IN NO WAY threated by banning partial birth abortion, a hideous practice that needs to be labeled by the truth of what it is–the murder of babies.

    With all the options available to me to make sure I never get pregnant if I don’t want children, I should never have to face abortion at all. If I do face an unwanted pregnancy, I will bring the baby to term and put him or her up for adoption.

    I can surely nurture a baby in the womb for nine months to give someone else the opportunity to love the kid, and give the kid a chance at living.

  2. Linda Avatar

    Thanks for the clarification, Holly. I still am not happy with the wording in the bill, but I suspect we’d never agree on a lot of political things. I’m far from a raving liberal and I’m downright conservative on some issues, but I think I’m a bit more left on other issues than you are. 🙂 It becomes an "agree to disagree" since there often is no absolute right answer. 🙂

  3. Djohn Avatar

    I am glad that you have found an outlet to express your opinion again! Your blog page now resembles your site when I originally joined. I had begun to wonder if a changeling had replaced you and you were being kept imprisoned in a politically correct hell somewhere. I am glad you escaped and I only regret that you couldn’t have brought the rant group with you!

    best wishes


  4. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    Linda — in a partial-birth abortion, the mother has already either brought the whole head or else the whole body of a living baby through the birth canal before the baby is dismembered. There is no instance in which dismembering the baby will save the life of the mother. None. If the mother can survive the delivery of the presenting part, she has already done all of the work — the rest just slips out. Whereas the baby, once delivered that far, could be permitted to fight for the chance to live, if the doctor didn’t cut his head off. No loss to the mother, significant gain to the child.

    C-section or induced delivery are still options when the mother’s life is in danger — the only difference between the induced delivery and the partial-birth abortion is the absence of the dismemberment at the end of the procedure. The baby is not guaranteed to live with an induced delivery in the second trimester, but at least he’d have a chance.

  5. Joel Avatar

    Links back!

  6. Linda Avatar

    Your link is broken, Holly. But, I object to this particular bill, not because I think it’s OK to perform partial-birth abortions, but because it specifically prohibits medical professionals from performing an abortion to save a mother’s life. They’re supposed to always let a woman die in order to save the child and I think that’s reprehensible. That difficult and horrible decision should not be made by legislators sitting in their offices trying to improve their standing with the people who put money in their campaign coffers. It should be made by the health professionals, the pregnant woman, and her family. When they write a better bill, then maybe they’ll get my support. But I believe that this isn’t an issue that can be decided by legislators. It needs to be decided by the woman who is pregnant and her doctor.

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