A shock from my past

By Holly Lisle

Received an email that led me to a complete copy of my 1979 High-School yearbook, of which I was the editor and the artist.

I was not World’s Greatest Yearbook Editor. I had no clue what my most critical job was (it was apparently to flog advertising to pay for the book, something no one mentioned to me the entire year), and I mistook myself for the person who was supposed to ensure that the book looked nice, everyone was in there, and everything was spelled correctly. But I did edit the thing, as well as doing the artwork. I haven’t seen it in pretty close to twenty years—I lost my copy during a panicked move.

You can see the haircuts I gave to myself and my awful glasses if you’re interested, as well as the Medieval parchment section pages I drew. Back then, I still thought I was going to be a commercial artist.


Real life worked out much better than what I imagined in high school.

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