A second day of uphill — but progress uphill is still progress

I’m at the midpoint of Ohio 5, the stakes are high, my MC has just discovered for the first time in the series HOW high… and, to rearrange some Rush lyrics that THEY borrowed, I’ve just discovered, from John Barth’s The Tidewater Tales, 

My characters will pay the price, but they will not count the cost.

I’d love to write further on the book, but today has not been easy, and brought with it both cause for a headache and the headache that followed. 

So I’m going to take my 701 words, and my nearly 40,000 total, and say “good enough.”

And disappear for the weekend, where I will play video games, and read books, and nap on the couch if the mood strikes me.

And Monday I’ll come back, bringing new words to the story.

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2 responses to “A second day of uphill — but progress uphill is still progress”

  1. Janet Alcorn Avatar

    I hope the words come easier next week. Enjoy that restful weekend!

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Thanks. Getting ready to go get started on that. Nothing special planned, but napping on the couch may be involved.

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