A RIDICULOUSLY good Friday — 3927 words, 24,247 total — and wicked joy

After my main character got to experience the deep joy of finding a true friend yesterday (my time, not hers)… she is now facing the potential of horrible loss.

So I’m sitting here after getting a good run of words that led to a cliffhanger, a I’m a bit teary-eyed over what’s just happened (YES, I do in fact sometimes make myself cry when I’m writing) and all of a sudden, I discover that I understand exactly how a couple of weird events I wrote in over the past few days in the story connect…

And from the connection of those events, discover something I did not know about this TOWN she lives in… (a truly thrilling moment from the point of view of a worldbuilder… and I think it will be cool for readers, too…)

And from that discovery about the town, I got both the truth behind the next obstacle my hero faces, and what she’s going to have to get through to overcome it.

I got to be so wickedly mean to all my characters this morning… but it’s going to come out all right. Not soon. But eventually.

So now I’m going to work for a couple hours on this surprise thing I’m putting together for my writers. And then… FRIDAY!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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