A Rethink Day on ISY

By Holly Lisle

I See You started meandering on me. I could feel it turning sideways, so rather than continue, I spent this morning doing a line-per-scene for the last 24 scenes of the book. I’m not quite satisfied yet, but I have enough to keep the boat sailing in the right direction while I get the last bit right before the ending (which I’ve known since I finished the proposal, and which will NOT need to be reworked). I’m still okay on time to finish this.

Now I need to get to work on Hawkspar, where I need a solid charge-ahead day. I’m in the middle of the Wall of Alarming Colors, managed to rip out two completely unnecessary red-card scenes and toss them [insert wild cheering here], and am facing the rest with grim determination. After this, a field of cool green revision awaits.

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