A pre-writing post: After Monsterity, 1357 words that no longer fit Book 3

At least, they don’t fit in the way I need them to. 

I have the pieces of the story that I need in them, but writing on which I spent 8022 words, four scenes, and two chapters needs to be small and tight and avoid (in this book, at least) — one scene, not four — the introduction of five new named characters.

I can handle one… and that one — who may or may not be critical in one of the later two books (or who may be a main character in a second series or a stand-alone for me if the first five books do well — is going to have to summarize the concept behind what he’s doing.

Here was today’s lovely starting word count.

Pre Removal  Book Four Scene  2021 07 01 at 9 02 31 AM


Here is the unchecking of two chapters that will have to be dropped into the Book Four manuscript as soon as I post this.Compile Magic  2021 07 01 at 9 01 34 AM

And below is the wordcount following the removal of those two chapters to Book Four.

Post Removal  Book Four Scene  2021 07 01 at 9 03 02 AM


There is a bright side. I have a wonderfully funny way to start Book Four now, and a hefty chunk of words I’ll get to count the instant I open THAT manuscript.

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