A piece of my mind

Finally got my scanner hooked up, and I promised earlier that I’d put up a couple pictures of the MRI I had done. Little images are clickable and go to bigger ones.

Brain-004.jpg Brain-003.jpg

My neurologist studied every image in the whole pack (pages and pages, WAY too many to print) and concluded that I have a “very nice brain.” Glad to hear it.

Will happily pretend I didn’t hear the “for your age” he dropped in there once while effusing over my gray matter.

Me, I’m just relieved there aren’t any teeth or bits of jaw or floating eyeballs from an unabsorbed twin…

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61 responses to “A piece of my mind”

  1. Mary Lou Avatar
    Mary Lou

    Thank goodness you have a diagnosis. Hang in until it clears itself. If u want send some of that “snow” to us in Canada, we can take it, we’re used to it. :+] So happy to hear you are better and it is nothing deadly.

  2. Susan Avatar

    Good to hear good news for a change. Congratulations! I have a co-worker who experiences migraines, so I sympathize based on that experience. How amazing it must be to see the brain that generates your thoughts and emotions, holds your memories, and dreams of things real and unreal. Glad to know that it will serve you well for writing and more writing.

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