A nice wordpress theme for authors, briefly free

One of my students, Kathryn Kistner, found this. It’s a very attractive WordPress theme designed specifically for writers.

I have no idea how “limited time” this is, but the theme is free now, and will be $35 when it returns to being pain.

I’m passing on the recommendation. You can check it out here:


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7 responses to “A nice wordpress theme for authors, briefly free”

  1. Deborah Avatar


    It would not load at all for me, kept giving me an error messsge..

  2. Ro Avatar

    Hey, Holly, I have a question:

    You spent a long time being rejected before your work was published. Do you think this helped you hone your skills? Had you self published, right off the bat, do you think that you would be as good a writer now? What about those of us who want to publish straight away? How do we gain what you gained from this process, without going through it?

    Thanks, Ro

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Ro,

      I learned a massive amount from all that preliminary work, and all those rejections.

      I put everything I learned from the seven years that I wrote steadily before selling ANYTHING (and as much as I’ve learned afterward as I could fit in) into the seven-month How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School For Writers class.

      The objective of the course is, simply stated, to skip you over those seven brutal years I spent beating my head again the wall and get you writing publishable work now.

  3. Amazingrace Grace V. Robinette Avatar
    Amazingrace Grace V. Robinette

    Thanks to Kathryn Kistner, for wordpress theme for authors. Regrettably I must confess my ignorance. I’ve gone onto the websites, downloaded info. But I don’t understand – do I enter a problem area to receive advice, do I enter a genre area to receive inspiration? Please help.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m not using this theme. Is there anyone who got it who could help Grace out?

    2. Amy Avatar

      Grace – it looks like you’re asking how to use this theme to help you write. But that’s not what this is for – it’s to help you promote what you’ve already written. You would use this as the framework for a WordPress based website.

  4. Azalea Avatar

    Thank you!

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