A nice little cliffhanger

By Holly Lisle

Since ecto ate my post TWICE now, I’m going to keep this short.

Got a spiffy cliffhanger for TalysMana tonight, wrapped the scene, posted it, and some folks may even receive it yet tonight. Most of you who are up to date will get the latest installment on Friday. For everyone else, it’ll be along in due time.

Will Grey (now playing the part previously played by Bill Hawthorne) is paying off for me. He came through for me tonight, he’s showing me more of who he is, and I like him.

And Kettan made me laugh.

I got some subtle tension into the scene, too. That’s where I’ll be picking up when I start in tomorrow night…with the little thing that went wrong.

If you’re playing WABWM, I hope your story is coming along for you.

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