A monster, ice cream… and a Scrivener compile error. 1402 words today, and 88,431 words

First, the compile error, because for a while, I thought I wasn’t going to have any way to show my wordcount for the day.

There are things you have to remember to do when using Scrivener that must be taken care of the moment you do them. 

Adding a new chapter file, for example, requires that you then go into your COMPILE section of the program and check the box noting that the chapter is to be compiled. Unchecked files are what keep all your background notes, worldbuilding crap, and other stuff that isn’t going to show up in the actual novel from being counted in your word count. Most days, because I’m worldbuilding as I go, I have a fair number of words that DON’T get counted because they aren’t actually part of the story.

If, however, you forget to check the box for something that is to be in the book itself, you lose your daily wordcount from showing up in your nifty little tracker, and while —  when you do suddenly realize that you’ve written a helluva lot of words without moving the bar one bit, and you go in and check the COMPILE box — you have fixed the problem, and the NEXT words you write will show up in the progress tracker (and your manuscript print-out), your daily words to that point will NOT show up in the tracker.

So I had to highlight today’s words from each of two chapters, and then copy the screenshots of today’s INTERREGNUM and MONSTERITY words to figure out when I was done.

1041 new words in INTERREGNUM.

361 new words in MONSTERITY.

Tired of renumbering chapters

Which are named rather than numbered, because I’m tired of renumbering chapters. When I have the thing done in first draft, then I’ll go back and renumber everything.

But I love what I got. I’m finally bringing together two people who met in the very early part of Book 1, because a big secret has finally come out.

Good writing day, in spite of my lapse in checking the right boxes BEFORE I started writing.


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2 responses to “A monster, ice cream… and a Scrivener compile error. 1402 words today, and 88,431 words”

  1. Phoenix Avatar

    Not gunna lie, my heart stopped just a teensy bit when I read “compile error” in the header. Glad it was a (relatively) easy fix, and not an oh-god-where-is-my-novel-ohgodohgodohgod moment like I feared.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah. You and me both. 😀

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