A Mind Like a Jackalope Crab

Today the outline clicked, and suddenly I’m a few words away from completely wrapping the synopsis.

As I noted to my friend Jean earlier, I have a mind like the notorious jackalope crab (it does not move in a neatly linear fashion, but sideways, with shocking random leaps and bullet-fast tangents), so getting from logical point A to logical point B can involve some pretty fancy footwork through G, W, Left, Orange, and 27.

This can slow the writing process down hideously. When one of those bizarre tangents lands on gold, however, everything can start falling into place very quickly.

So, after a few brutal, nearly wordless days, I’m going to actually be able to sit down and write the book. Soon. Claire still has to okay a couple of my odder tangents. Funny thing is, though, each of those tangents actually moves the book forward in a fairly straight (and I think compelling) line.

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