A Hang-Up in the Plotting Course

By Holly Lisle

I know this isn’t going to reach everyone who has signed up for it, but the autoresponder that sends out the plotting course lessons has died an ugly death.

Either today or tomorrow (IF we can get cron working in the new e-mail program), I’ll be sending out an invitation letter to everyone who was on the plotting course list, sending instructions on how you can either sign up for the whole e-mail course again, or pick it up from lesson five, for that very large group of people which was about halfway through when the autoresponder died.

I know this will mean at least one or two duplicate lessons for most of you, and I apologize deeply for the inconvenience.

As a note, if any of you are ever in the market for an autoresponder, AVOID AT ALL COSTS the program MyAutoresponderPro, which has a documented “known error” that dumps everyone on the list on January first every year, and which will then re-dump them every time you put them back into the list with their old information intact.

This charming detail is NOT documented in MyAutoresponderPro’s sales literature, of course. Just FYI.


Plot Course invites will not go out today. I’m having cron issues with the new program, and tech support is in Australia, so we’re on opposite schedules. It may, in fact, take a couple of days and perhaps even a complete reinstall of the software by the code creators to get everything up and running.

This means the newsletter may be on hold, too.

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