A Giggly Scene, A Wicked Secret… and I Love You, Tomorrow

No big secret that these books are set in a decidedly sideways version of the Ohio town in which I live. I love this place, and I’m having a wonderful time building some seriously wacky shit into what is in reality a lovely old town with a great history, and some fine and friendly people.

Today I got to pull out one of the oldest tropes in SF (because I have no compunction about playing with elements of science fiction in my fantasy series, so long as I can them twist them straight back to fantasy), and I laughed my ass off when I realized how I was going to use the damn thing.

I left a note in the chapter so that I remember tomorrow the revelation I had right at the end. I’ve learned NEVER to trust myself to remember tomorrow’s cool thing if I don’t leave a note.

Fortunately, Scrivener is great for letting you leave notes.

And I’m so excited to write what I realized that I was tempted to keep going.

So… 1250 words exactly today, and 64,003 for the book, and I’m five chapters from the end. And I love, love, LOVE the words I got today.

NOW, however, it’s on to the next thing. I have seven tons of lesson reminders yet to build to get everything over on HollysWritingClasses.com working the way it’s supposed to… and I need to get at least half a ton of them built today.

So with words finished, and the start of today’s headache already moving in like clouds before an oncoming storm, I’m going to go do lesson reminder links in lesson reminders for writing classes for at least one hour.

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