A Friend of Mine Is In Trouble

By Holly Lisle

I met Judi two years ago via an e-mail from a mutual friend. Even though Judi and I have never met in person, we’ve been through a lot together; two years ago her grandson, newborn, had serious breathing difficulties, failure to gain weight, and other neonatal issues. He wasn’t expected to live. He went through a lot, and they came close to losing him several times.
A number of us–of all religions and no religion at all–spent time each day praying for Isaiah in our own fashions. Two years later, he’s thriving.

Judi isn’t. She’s been diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer. She won’t be doing chemo or radiation or surgery; she’t taking a two-drug cocktail that the oncologists hope will stop the cancer’s spread and perhaps promote shrinkage of the tumors she has.

A lot of you know that I was an RN for quite a few years, working in the ER, the ICU, and on Med-Surg. I’m not religious. My stance on religion is that God is a great guy with terrible PR, the PR being religion–any religion.

That said, in my personal life as well as in my years in nursing, I have seen prayer work. I don’t believe it works. I know it works. It connects us, and through that connection we make things happen.

I’m asking of those of those of you who are willing to pray, or light candles, or cast spells, or however you choose to connect and focus your will, that you pray that Judi’s cancer will go away, and that she’ll be well. Judi is Christian, but she knows I’m not, and she knows a whole lot of you aren’t, and she’s fine with that.

She wants to live. She has a lot to live for.


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