A Five-Year Old’s First Tale

Okay, I’m ridiculously proud of the fact that my five-year-old sat in bed before the rest of the household was up and moving and wrote his first story. He calls it, “Why Homeschooling Is Great.”

It goes:

“I now vat 2+2=4. I now vat tooys are the bst.”

It’s not long. The spelling is a little shaky. But as a spontaneous first literary effort by a kid who’s just learning to read, I think it’s pretty wonderful.

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9 responses to “A Five-Year Old’s First Tale”

  1. Rook Avatar

    It’s a bit late to add to this thread, but I thought I would anyway. I was homeschooled for much of my life and it was the best experience. My parents were involved in enough activities with other families that I had no social adjustment problems but my parents decided that I ought to go to highschool just so I could get more contact with folks my age. Two years later, bored out of my mind and not particularly enjoying myself at school, I took the California High School Proficiency exam and got out two years early. The next two years of my life before I went to college were absolutely the best – I wrote every day and completed my first (and only) novel, I learned to play guitar, joined a band, worked full-time, and really LIVED. I can’t imagine how dull my life would have been in school. Homeschooling and self-education are THE way to go. Nothing stifles bright minds like a bad school – and so many fit into that category these days.

  2. Anita Avatar

    Giggle. Just wait a few years–I love my 18 year old son’s early homeschooling writings–he wrote amazing stories about a super hero bulldog. Now he winces and begs me to burn them whenever I pull them out. Not on your life. Still homeschooling my younger three-the youngest of which is 9 and is now writing his own stories too. In fact, all 4 are wonderful writers of fiction, no less.

  3. Jim W Avatar
    Jim W

    That’s super. It looks like he’s following in his mother’s footsteps — learning a few extra lessons there. 🙂

  4. skelbs127 Avatar

    I love little kids! That is so adorable.

  5. Desiree Avatar

    that’s wonderful. Think he can give me some tips?

  6. Linda Sprinkle Avatar
    Linda Sprinkle

    That is wonderful!

    So many of your family stories bring back memories. I have a file on my computer titled "Da Bom and Da Mom". It’s a round robin-type tale my son and I wrote together via email. We tried to top each other in being outrageous. He won.

  7. Joel Avatar

    Heaven help you when he’s old enough to approach the computer 😉

  8. Loyd Avatar

    That’s great! Think, it’s only the beginning. =)

  9. Jean Avatar

    It’s a great start–and the spontaneous aspect is what’s most encouraging.

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