A Five-Year Old’s First Tale

Okay, I’m ridiculously proud of the fact that my five-year-old sat in bed before the rest of the household was up and moving and wrote his first story. He calls it, “Why Homeschooling Is Great.”

It goes:

“I now vat 2+2=4. I now vat tooys are the bst.”

It’s not long. The spelling is a little shaky. But as a spontaneous first literary effort by a kid who’s just learning to read, I think it’s pretty wonderful.

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  • Rook Nov 2, 2003 @ 18:52

    It’s a bit late to add to this thread, but I thought I would anyway. I was homeschooled for much of my life and it was the best experience. My parents were involved in enough activities with other families that I had no social adjustment problems but my parents decided that I ought to go to highschool just so I could get more contact with folks my age. Two years later, bored out of my mind and not particularly enjoying myself at school, I took the California High School Proficiency exam and got out two years early. The next two years of my life before I went to college were absolutely the best – I wrote every day and completed my first (and only) novel, I learned to play guitar, joined a band, worked full-time, and really LIVED. I can’t imagine how dull my life would have been in school. Homeschooling and self-education are THE way to go. Nothing stifles bright minds like a bad school – and so many fit into that category these days.

  • Anita Nov 1, 2003 @ 22:46

    Giggle. Just wait a few years–I love my 18 year old son’s early homeschooling writings–he wrote amazing stories about a super hero bulldog. Now he winces and begs me to burn them whenever I pull them out. Not on your life. Still homeschooling my younger three-the youngest of which is 9 and is now writing his own stories too. In fact, all 4 are wonderful writers of fiction, no less.

  • Jim W Oct 31, 2003 @ 21:43

    That’s super. It looks like he’s following in his mother’s footsteps — learning a few extra lessons there. 🙂

  • skelbs127 Oct 31, 2003 @ 15:34

    I love little kids! That is so adorable.

  • Desiree Oct 31, 2003 @ 13:33

    that’s wonderful. Think he can give me some tips?

  • Linda Sprinkle Oct 31, 2003 @ 13:02

    That is wonderful!

    So many of your family stories bring back memories. I have a file on my computer titled "Da Bom and Da Mom". It’s a round robin-type tale my son and I wrote together via email. We tried to top each other in being outrageous. He won.

  • Joel Oct 31, 2003 @ 9:25

    Heaven help you when he’s old enough to approach the computer 😉

  • Loyd Oct 31, 2003 @ 8:14

    That’s great! Think, it’s only the beginning. =)

  • Jean Oct 31, 2003 @ 8:01

    It’s a great start–and the spontaneous aspect is what’s most encouraging.

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