A fine and fruitful Monday: 1400 words, 31,204 total on Book 3, and the “neighbors”…

An already weird world took a turn for the weirder this morning as my MC went for a dangerous run, and carried cookies over to the neighbors’ house as a pretense to being invited in.

I love those days when you go over the word count in flying time, and those days when the work ends on a round number (this is a silly, silly thing, and absolutely nothing to waste time trying to pull off on purpose… but it’s a lot of fun when you look up and see that there you are).

Today I also did a few hundred words of worldbuilding on a separate document so I would know exactly what my MC was doing running past the enemy’s fortress — (doesn’t look like a fortress, of course, because this is set in small-town Ohio, and locally there aren’t any of those).

A registered nurse my character met in worse circumstances showed up, as did her three housemates.

And I managed to bring in a monster from a previous book to help my MC start solving the mystery in the present one.  

It was a fun, funny, weird writing day… and to top it all off, my cat Sheldon invented a new game he can play while I’m working. I sit in a regular office chair at a regular (large, cheap, particle-board, wrap-around) desk, and under the front part of the desk is a large box of hanging files. He discovered that if he sat atop the box, he could swipe at and occasionally catch one or the other of my feet (via my socks and his claws), because when I’m writing hard, I swing them back and forth.

It was funny, and fun, and I gave him treats for doing it, because there are days when the writing isn’t this easy or entertaining, and I wanted to be able to think that there will be other mornings in my future where he’ll play with me when I’m NOT having such a great morning, and his presence will make it better.


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