A few day’s silence

And with it, a few days of not writing. The 2000-words-a-day goal is going to have to wait until after my stress level goes down a bit. I’m supposed to get the Time Warner offer on the proposal for what we hope will be three hardcover stand-alones tomorrow. My agent is hoping to have the dickering done by Saturday.

I am, to put it politely, a basket case. It would be nice to think that writers can write through anything, and many times I can, but a lot is riding on this (like the major chunk of my next three years income) and I find myself unable to be either productive or sanguine.

Well, I’m being productive. I’m researching romance novels. I’m considering creating a pseudonym and branching out. So, markers in hand, I’m reading my way through a stack of top-end romance novels.

And twitching a lot.

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