A Drawing For Bidders

I’m offering a drawing to anyone who has bid on or is bidding on one of my auctions for the Larissa Ione Fundraiser. This is a thank-you to folks who have pitched in to help out Larissa. The winner will choose from among a selection of gifts, one of which will be a crit of your thirty-page manuscript partial/five-page synopsis. You do not have to have bid on the crit to be eligible to select the crit if you win; I know those got pricey very quickly.

Eligible bids will be in my auctions. I’ll also put your name in the hat if you bid on Sheila’s crit (PBW, Lynn Viehl), or Anna Genovese’s crit.

If you have bid or are still bidding, post your bidding name (Ebay name) and a link to your bid below. (To keep from breaking the blog with long Ebay links, please call your link “bid” and use the nifty HTML button above the comment box to paste in your link.)We’re doing this publicly so that contest mavens are not tempted to the site to falsely claim to be bidders when they aren’t. If there’s a dispute — that is, two people claim the same name — you’ll be asked to privately prove your ID.

Amended — I’ll simply require the winner to privately prove his or her ID. This will keep folks from having to take their Ebay IDs public, something I know a lot of folks don’t want to do. Please just note in comments that you’ll be participating. I’ll draw names off of that list, and contact the winner, who can then send me a bid link and ownership proof privately.

There will be only one winner, and the winner will be announced the day after the last eligible auction closes; my time and finances are unfortunately limited, and shipping books to my agent to be forwarded on to the winner is expensive, while crits are time-consuming. But I wanted to offer something to you folks as thanks. I appreciate what you’re doing.

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10 responses to “A Drawing For Bidders”

  1. Mir Avatar

    Anna G.’s line edit is over 400. I think that’s great (for Larissa) and great (for whoever gets the feedback). That’s a lot of work, 400 pages of line edit.

    Now I wish I’d bid on the Holly crit, but it scared me when it went over 200!
    ; )

    Mir–apparently easily startled

  2. mariab Avatar

    I bid on the critique from Anna G.

  3. ChristinaStiles Avatar

    I’ve bid on the crits and Midnight Rain.

  4. Jason Penney Avatar

    I bid on both your crits.

  5. Lanyn Avatar

    I bid on Anna’s crit and the World Gates novels. I think it’s wonderful watching the bidding soaring for a good cause! -Deborah Koren

  6. ammit Avatar

    I’m bidding on your books, as I have only a couple short stories readable-by-others. I love to see how authors are banding together to help one of their own.

  7. joelysue Avatar

    Wow, what a great idea! Thanks for another chance at winning! I bid on several items from you, Anna and PBW but lost them all. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Ahdie Avatar

    I bid on quite a few of the crits, including your’s and Anna’s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! BTY – my email name is MikeAbbott92 (character from one of my books).

  9. ValMarie Avatar

    I bid on yours and PBW’s crit (fairly early in the auction when I still had the funds.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. TinaK Avatar

    How generous of you Holly.

    I bid on your crit, on LDG and MR.

    Crossing my fingers!


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