A Different Look at the War in Iraq

Here’s a letter sent to Congress. It was attributed to Dr. Chong, ex Air Force surgeon, on the war in Iraq, though information on Snopes suggests it was actually written by a lawyer to his sons.

Either way, the information in it is important. A lot of you (those who are adamantly anti-war) are not going to want to read it, and some of you may hate me for suggesting that you do anyway, and take action by deciding to never read my blog or my books again. I’m willing to take that risk, because this matters, and I think people need as much information as they can get when deciding on life-or-death issues.

The author covers some of the same ground that I brought up on March 14th, 2003, but he adds a lot to it.

His question is, What is at stake if we lose the war? His answer is one I already knew. But if you’re anti-war, it’s one you don’t know. Please read this. You can hate me if you want, but please read.

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