A Daily Grab-Bag

By Holly Lisle

The first part of this morning I’ve spent putting together answers to questions Claire had about the Onyx Proposal. She’s excited about the proposal, and we’re working out a few final kinks. So I’m still hopeful about this one. Oh. And she loved the alligator — always a good sign, since that was one of the things I loved most. I think we may be on the same track with this one.

Yesterday’s Hawkspar work went well, and the next thing I’ll be doing is working on that again.

But mostly I’m worried about my daughter and her family, who are in the middle of taking a direct hit from Francis right now. According to the track, we’ll get it later. But I can’t get through to her on the phone, and she and Frank live in one of the low-lying areas, as do Frank’s folks. Prayers and candles and good thoughts, as per your inclination, would be greatly appreciated right now.

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