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For the time being I’ll keep comments on this weblog open because some of you requested that I add them a few years ago and you’re still here, and because a number of you have interesting things to say and I am interested in hearing them. Instead of turning off the commenting feature, which I regret to admit was my first impulse, I’ve simply deleted all comments posted by the one person who instead of debating issues decided to take a personal tack. However, please realize that, just as I reserve the right to delete any comments that to not meet my criteria for intelligent posting, I also reserve the right to turn off comments entirely. This is an online diary. I say what I think here. If what I post here upsets you, please go read something else. The Internet is a big place; somewhere on it you’ll find something that you enjoy. But do not try to dictate my contents to me, and do not expect me to be warm and understanding if you do.

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  1. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    I think I missed the debate, but I’m glad that the commenting feature will remain. I also enjoy the dialog.

    Let’s keep it clean, folks! The purpose here is to expose ideas and maybe learn something new. Not to get into a war with out hostess.

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