A Buddy’s Bookstore, and The Ruby Key

By Holly Lisle

A friend of mine from way back, Robbie Jordan (a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Robbie, when we were role-playing) is starting up a brick-and-mortar indie bookstore in Eden, North Carolina, and because he’s a pretty savvy fellow, as well as a damn fine DM, and one of the first members of our writers’ group, which eventually became Schrodinger’s Petshop, he’s taken it online first.

Let him know what you’re looking for from an indie bookstore. He’s already got a live writers’ group planned for the store, and is looking into the possibility of an online one, as well.

The store is Books And…, and it’s just getting started.

And speaking of books. And bookstores.

No, bookstores aren’t supposed to sell advance reader copies. Says so right on the top. But since a copy of The Ruby Key is out there, and the seller is a bookstore ignoring what it’s supposed to do, I figured maybe you guys would like a shot at the copy. Better it should go to friends, since nobody at that particular store read it.

The Ruby Key on eBay.

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