A Buddy’s Bookstore, and The Ruby Key

A friend of mine from way back, Robbie Jordan (a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Robbie, when we were role-playing) is starting up a brick-and-mortar indie bookstore in Eden, North Carolina, and because he’s a pretty savvy fellow, as well as a damn fine DM, and one of the first members of our writers’ group, which eventually became Schrodinger’s Petshop, he’s taken it online first.

Let him know what you’re looking for from an indie bookstore. He’s already got a live writers’ group planned for the store, and is looking into the possibility of an online one, as well.

The store is Books And…, and it’s just getting started.

And speaking of books. And bookstores.

No, bookstores aren’t supposed to sell advance reader copies. Says so right on the top. But since a copy of The Ruby Key is out there, and the seller is a bookstore ignoring what it’s supposed to do, I figured maybe you guys would like a shot at the copy. Better it should go to friends, since nobody at that particular store read it.

The Ruby Key on eBay.

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5 responses to “A Buddy’s Bookstore, and The Ruby Key”

  1. Keely Avatar

    Congratulations, Christina, on winning the book!

    As for the book font… can’t wait to see the final font. I like the advance copy font, too. I just think it should have been darker, or metallic, or both!!!

    I love fonts!!! [grin]

  2. ChristinaStiles Avatar

    My desire for the advanced copy of Holly’s work won out over agreeing with you about the seller’s immorality.

    I mean…it’s a Holly book…must have!

    And, of course, I will buy a standard copy when it becomes available.


  3. Holly Avatar

    Font–no. The actual final font is stunning—has little leaves and branches and things, and is, I have heard, in a rich, deep metallic purple. (I’ve seen the outline of the font. I have not seen the foil.)

    And as for the book, I was torn between posting its presence, and knowing that I only got four copies from my editor, and between a husband and three kids in three different places, well, I’m not going to have even one to give away. Or to keep for myself.

  4. Susan Avatar

    Argh! Want… book…

    But I really don’t want to support that sort of behavior, either. And I’d rather my purchase went to support Holly’s livelihood, not that of some jerk who apparently runs a bookstore but can’t read. 🙂

  5. D.RobertPease Avatar

    Although I’d love to have an ARC of The Ruby Key, I can’t bring myself to buy something from someone who would sell it. I mean come on, right on the cover. NOT FOR SALE.

    BTW is that really how the font ended up on the cover. It seems awfully hard to read.

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