A bright and glorious day: 1264 twisty, tight words, and racing now to the conclusion…

Some days you launch out of the gate (or the bed) with wings.

Today was that day. I shot out of the shower, downed my coffee, and hit the desk with the document already open and at the right spot from yesterday — and the words flew.

Better yet, while writing exactly what I knew I needed to write today, I also managed to surprise myself, bring in a second encounter with a character introduced in this book who just today told me who and what she is, and does… 

And my characters broke my heart and made me proud of them at the same time. 

Tomorrow will be tying in what I’ve discovered over the past few days with what I planned.

And pushing hard for the conclusion, where I know a lot of the specifics, but am still missing the big one.

But I know what this second novel has to accomplish when it hits the end, and just as my Muse (right brain) tossed me the pieces I needed today, I’m trusting it to do the same during the last few days I put into this first draft.

I also moved my deadline back by five days.

I’m going to run over 90,000 words. I want some elbow room on the timer while I do that.



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