A Book Giveaway (sort of)

Lots of my novels for free if you’ll pay the postage.

I underestimated the extent of my problem. And I do have a few copies of some of the later Baen books. And I found the missing Vengeance of Dragons copies. Lots of them.
My Problem, Part One
My Problem, Part Two

Any more volunteers?

Also, much to my amazement, I have no remaining copies of the historical thing. Many apologies. Holly

P.S. The scary thing is, I suspect there are still more books hiding in corners. I’m afraid.

SATURDAY: The Original Post

I have a bunch of copies of my own work I need to get rid of.

  • I’d have one massive contest and winners galore, but I can’t afford the shipping for that many books.
  • I can’t sell them–that’s in the contracts.
  • I don’t want to dump them at libraries; I’d rather give them to individual folks.
  • I considered doing a Books of the Wild thing, where I’d send boxes of books to people who agreed to send all but one of the books out into the world to meet new people, who could then log into a Wild Books Tracking Station to note where they got their book, and where they passed it on when they were done with it, with rules taped into the inside front covers to let the readers know how to find and log into the tracking station, (I thought this would be particularly cool) but as previously noted, I don’t have the money for all that shipping, and I can’t ask folks to pay shipping and then only keep one book.


I have at least a few of most of my more recent books (most of my post-Baen work) and a lot of a few of them. And I have some flat rate shipping boxes that ship to anywhere in the US for $8.95. In order to cover PayPal fees and packing up the box, add an extra dollar–total US shipping will be $9.95. Each box will comfortably fit 6 paperbacks, and as long as they last, one hardcover or galley. When I run out of hardcovers and galleys, I’ll throw in three extra paperbacks. (These are likely to be duplicates. If I have to send duplicates and you didn’t indicate that you wanted them, I’ll let you know before you pay for the shipping.)

If you’re willing to pay the postage, I’ll ship you a box of mixed books. If you don’t mind duplicates (to give to friends, for example), please note this in your entry. I have quite a few paperback Talyns, for example.

I’ll autograph one book in each box–I hurt my wrists, the right one especially, from too much knitting, which I’ve been using to deal with stress, and typing is painful and hand-writing pure agony. (Forget knitting. At the moment, I can barely hold yarn.) So give me your wish-list of three books you’d like to own in autographed form in order of your preference, and if I have it, I’ll sign and include one of those three books in the box. If I don’t, I’ll pick what I think is the best book in the box and autograph that one. These books won’t be personalized, just dated and signed. I apologize for this, because I usually personalize unless requested not to, but … pain. We’re not going to mention how exciting it is to type this.

I also have a couple of surprises (still my books, but special or odd in some way or another). No comment on those, but they’ll ship in the first boxes to go out.

All books are new, unread, but some do have dings on corners or other flaws–the boxes seem to pass through punishment testing en route to me from time to time.

If you enjoy ancient historical fiction, note this and I’ll throw in an unrelated book of which I happen to have a whole bunch of copies. If you really like it, I’ll send a few extra (I have lots and lots of copies). Just ask.

Here are the rules:

  1. You have to have some way of using PayPal, whether through your own PayPal account, a debit card, credit card, or checking account, to do this.
  2. Don’t send any money until I’ve packed your box and contacted you (and we’ve agreed on the shipping price if you’re outside the US).
  3. Special requests are first come, first served.
  4. All book boxes are ALSO first come, first served.
  5. If you have any books you already have and don’t want to accidentally get another of (even to pass on), please list these.
  6. The times on replies will serve as the final arbiter of who asked first. I will religiously check the spam and rescue requests while this offer is ongoing. If you have fallen afoul of the spam-catcher, let me know right away at holly AT hollylisle DOT com.
  7. This offer is only good until I run out of books.

The average value of a box of 6 paperback books with one hardcover will be about $67. I can’t guess the value of the galleys, but to collectors, I’m sure they’re fairly valuable. Average value of a box of nine paperbacks without a hardcover or galley will be about $63. If you’re outside the US, keep this number in mind when figuring shipping. You don’t want to pay more than the value of the books, and you’d probably want to stop at about half the value. For orders outside the US, we’ll figure on a case-by-case basis. You’re never obligated to buy–if shipping is too much for your budget, I can pack up just one or two books for you in a sturdy envelope or little box, or you can pass your box on to the next person on the list.

Make sure your e-mail address in your account on this weblog is correct, because that’s how I’ll contact each of you.

That’s it. If you’re interested, let me know here. The giveaway starts now.

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99 responses to “A Book Giveaway (sort of)”

  1. shawna Avatar

    Too good to pass up, even though I’m broke. I’d really love one of those hardcovers of Talyn… I lent my paperback, and it’s hit and miss whether it will come home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have all the Sacred Texts trilogy, I’d really love to get my hands on the World Gate books, or your most recent two… or whatever you’d like to surprise me with.

  2. Spring Gem Avatar
    Spring Gem

    I’ve been lurking for a long time and ejoy your posts. This offer was too good to pass up, so I’m finally forced to post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like a copy of Talyn and The World Gate Series plus whatever you drop in the box.


  3. tambo Avatar

    Maaan, I picked the wrong weekend to stay off the puter!

    If you still have books, count me in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. meiran Avatar

    Hola, I would like a copy of any of these. There are several of your older books I’ve been looking everywhere for but couldn’t find, but honestly I’m not picky. My copy of Talyn sadly started falling apart before I even got it home, so a hardcover would be nice. I also have a large network of people I give books to when I find it’s time to let them free (I work at a bookstore and get ARCs often).

    What else might I need to do?

  5. Steph Avatar

    If still available, I would love a copy of:

    -Midnight Rain
    -Anything else

    Last Girl Dancing, Sympathy for the Devil, and Fire in the Mist I already own, but I know many reading friends and librarians and thus am not terribly picky. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tech Avatar

    It is like Christmas!

  7. heatherwrites Avatar

    Oooh. It’s like Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If possible, I’d like

    -The Secret Texts trilogy
    -Sympathy For The Devil
    -Minerva Wakes
    -Midnight Rain

    But I’ll take whatever you send. (I also swap books with my kid’s teacher, so they should be read at least twice.)

  8. Holly Avatar

    Posting for JUSTIN, who has to check with his mom. I don’t want him to get left out.

  9. Tech Avatar

    For some reason, my first comment is awaiting moderation, but the second one posted. Anyway, if possible, I sure would like another copy of Gods Old & Dark. I loaned mine to a friend (?) and she misplaced it. Otherwise, a selection of anything, and what I have already have, Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll give away in my monthly giveaways. Thank you muchly. This is a really cool thing.

  10. Tech Avatar

    Oh, oh! A galley proof! I’d love to see a real galley proof, too!

  11. Holly Avatar

    Posting for ERIN:

    Can’t log into wordpress.

    What I’d like (if possible):

    ~Paperback of Talyn
    ~Vincalis the Agitator
    ~Galley proofs of any book if possible
    ~Paperback Last Girl Dancing

    Anything else would be fine. If I get duplicates (as I have just about everything you’ve published), I will give them away to friends.


  12. Tech Avatar

    Yes, that would be wonderful! If possible, I sure would like another copy of Gods Old & Dark. I loaned mine to a friend (?) and she misplaced it. Otherwise, a selection of anything, and what I have already have, I’ll give away in my monthly giveaways. Thank you. This is really cool. This is another reason that you’re one of my favorite authors.

  13. Susan Avatar

    …and I just realized after doing the payment that my email address isn’t the same as the one I have here, but it’s just missing one letter off the end and at my university instead of Gmail, and there wasn’t any place to specify in the Paypal that it was for a different email. Hopefully it’ll be sufficiently obvious. Sorry about that!

  14. Holly Avatar


    I’ve filled all requests through arrvee. I’ve run out of packing tape, I’m getting low on boxes, but, boy do I have a lot of books left. Requesting mailing addresses and postage money from those folks now. PayPal logo in the top left corner for postage payment convenience.

    List is:
    Polar Bear (entries 1 and 2)
    Ann (entries 1 and 2)
    Susan (entry 1)
    Jason Penney
    Milady Redd

    If you’re on this list, go ahead and pay for US shipping, or contact me for international shipping.

  15. lizb Avatar

    Sorry I was distracted and hit the button too soon — story of my life you might say. A hardback copy of Talyn would be great if you have one. and I hope your wrist gets better soon.

  16. lizb Avatar

    Can I add a “me too” at this late stage? One box or two, if you have anything left. I have the World Gates series (found them in a Borders in Chicago two weeks ago, when I was up there on a project. they had a nive display of Talyn too.). Anything is fine though I can find homes for them all.

  17. tkeller Avatar

    Holly, I’ll toss my name in as well for a box of books. I have no real preference for any particular books, so I’d be happy to take any of them. I do happen to enjoy historical fiction. I have no preference on a particular signed book either. Thanks for the offer!

  18. Arconna Avatar

    I have paypal as well. I’d be interested in anything you have if you have anything left. I don’t have any requests, just about anything will do ๐Ÿ˜›

    Let me know :). My email should be in my profile ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Susan Avatar

    I didn’t realize we were supposed to say what books we wanted here, since you’d mentioned emailing, so for the record, if mine isn’t already done, I don’t already own Memory of Fire (was borrowing a friend’s) and I’d prefer anything early in a series, in order if possible, and I don’t care what’s hardcover or signed or whatnot.

  20. PJ Avatar

    Hey, Holly. I have PayPal access and am thrilled to help you with your problem. ^_^ I would love to have an autographed copy of (in order) Talyn, one of the World Gates, or one of the Secret Texts. For the rest, I would also love a copy of I See You. I already own the WG and ST trilogies, Midnight Rain, and Last Girl Dancing – so if you could throw in, say, Vincalis and any of the others, that would be great.

    And I’ll throw in my “I’ll take two” as well. If it looks like you have more books than requests – I’ll take a second box.

    Just let me know! Thanks for the offer. You rock!

  21. joelysue Avatar

    I’d love to do this! I have your romantic suspense ones starting with Midnight Rain, but any of the others would be perfect. I have a copy of Talyn but would *love* a signed copy. Yay, I’ll have so much fun giving away some on my blog!!

  22. PolarBear Avatar

    More than one box is ok for me, too, but I want to give everyone else a chance. I have purchased everything since from the Secret Texts and Beyond, but I gave my Secret Texts copies to my sister. Anything older than that, I may or may not have (I saw a couple of covers in those piles that didn’t look familiar — the two next to Memory of Fire, for instance). What’s that beneath Last Girl Dancing?

  23. ejoy Avatar

    I’ll take a box off your hands. The only thing I see in the picture that I don’t have is “I See You.” I’d love a paperback copy of “Talyn” if you have any left, too. I have it in hardcover, but I have a friend who needs to read it. Anything else can just be whatever you put your hands on. I have a friend who’s moving this summer and might need reading material for his flight.


  24. jessiegirl21 Avatar

    unless you are totally against giving to the library then i do have some friends who will enjoy them too.

  25. jessiegirl21 Avatar

    If you haven’t yet given all your boxes away I’ll take one and i know just who to give it t-. my local library. They don’t have any of your books despite my frequent “suggest a purchase” requests. this is a chance to remedy that situation.

  26. enjonel Avatar

    Hi, if I’m not too late I’ll take a couple boxes. Duplicate books fine, whatever books you have left fine. I’ll find loving homes for them ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. TinaK Avatar

    Holly – I will buy 2 more boxes if available and I will give away duplicates to friends and family. Also, if you have any copies of Vincalis left I’d love that as well.

  28. Redox Avatar

    I’d love some of your books if any are still available. Paying the shipping would be my honor (and a terrific deal, I might add). After I’m done with them, I’ll make sure they are passed on to others who will enjoy them.

    Thanks for the offer.

  29. Keely Avatar

    Oooooh!!! Me too!!! (That is if there are any left.) I can pay through paypal, I do already own every book you have written, so surprise me. I have lots of friends who read books that I can gift them to who need to get hooked on your work. Signed copy of the paperback of Glenraven, if you have one. Otherwise, any of the newer books. In fact, Mom hasn’t read Talyn, yet, so if you have one of those left, I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands!

  30. anders Avatar

    Oh, this is wonderful! I’ve told so many of my friends about your work but have only a limited number of your books to loan out. Duplicates are fine.

    Having read Sympathy for the Devil online via Baen’s library, I would very much like copies of The Devil and Dan Cooley and Hell on High. Night Echoes would also be much appreciated since I haven’t gotten to read it. And I would be thrilled to get Talyn duplicates because a lot of my friends read romance, and Talyn would be the perfect way to show them all that fantasy has to offer while at the same time giving them the kind of romance story they enjoy.

  31. Holly Avatar

    I’m packing boxes. Will let you know how far I get through the list today.

  32. TinaK Avatar

    If there are any books left I’ll pay shipping. Do you have a copy of the paperback size of Vengeance of Dragons? I was only able to locate the trade paperback.

  33. KatFeete Avatar

    I will happily pay shipping. I don’t terribly mind duplicates (I’d probably put them up on BookMooch. I have Talyn, but haven’t found/been able to afford many books lately, so this would be fabulous.

  34. hypatia Avatar

    If the offer’s still available, I’d love to have more of your books. I have _Talyn_ but would be ecstatic to have a signed copy thereof so I could give my existing one to friends. And who doesn’t like ancient historical fiction?

  35. Mandy Avatar

    I hope I’m not coming to the party too late. I’d love a box of your books (they’re terribly hard to find down here). The only one I’ve tracked down is Talyn, so anything else will be wonderful. Ancient historical fiction is a plus, too. I trust you to put in whatever you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to pay shipping through Paypal.

    Thanks for offering this.

  36. arrvee Avatar

    I sure hope I’m not too late on this one. I will certainly pay postage and any other associated costs for a box of your books. I love ancient history fictory, as well. Duplicates are encouraged. I wish I had had Internet access yesterday ๐Ÿ™

    Hope your wrists get better soon. Take it easy on them for a while.

  37. Rick Avatar

    I’m definitely willing to pay shipping, Holly. I haven’t read a whole lot of ancient historical fiction, so I’d be curious to take a peek at that, as well. I have a couple of your post-Baen books, but I’m not picky.

    Hope your wrist heals quickly and cooperatively!

  38. Milady Redd Avatar
    Milady Redd

    I too would love to pay shipping for your books! What an offer! I just FOUND you so I only have 5 of your books so far… Talyn, the 3 world gates, and Diplomacy of Wolves is all I have. I want all of your fantasy and your how to write books eventually.

  39. TJ Avatar

    I’m in. I just took a quick peak, and I believe that I have most of your post-Baen works, but I’m not picky and will take what you will give.

    The ones that I don’t have are Gods Old & Dark (I’m due a trip to the bookstore) and Vincalis (My library had this one), but I’m really don’t mind what I receive.

  40. crystallyn Avatar

    I might be late to throw my hand up in the air on this one, but here I am waving it in case! Glad to pay postage, am currently writing in the ancient historical fiction genre so doubly interested and Talyn would be my top choice for an autograph.

    I have some wristy issues here and there so I understand how frustrating that can be. If you haven’t picked up some wraps yet, they can be a lifesaver. Also watch how you sleep. Women tend to curl their wrists inward when they sleep (especially if in a fetal position) and that can exacerbate any pain. Try to be conscious of flattening out your palms when you go to sleep or if you wake in the night. Of course, the best remedy is to start being a couch potato and not use your wrists, but I don’t imagine that’s an option. ๐Ÿ™‚ And we would miss you!

  41. Jason Penney Avatar

    I’m happy to pay shipping if I’m not too late. I have enough reading friends that I can pass on any dupes I get. I’d prefer Fantasy over Suspense, but I’m not picky.

  42. shay Avatar

    i’d be more than happy to pay for the postage for some of your books if there’s any still available.

  43. Deedlit Avatar

    Would you be willing to ship to the UK if I pay the costs? Not sure how much shipping is over here, but I’d love to be involved in this if possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Carlie Avatar

    I would love to! I love ancient historical fiction as well. (And i’m more interested in your fantasy than suspense if that is ok… )

    Thanks Holly ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Hoshichan Avatar

    I also am in love with your writing articles (especially the Create a ____ series), and am very intrigued by Talyn. (I’d love two, one for a friend and fellow fan.) Other than Talyn, please surprise me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Susan Avatar

    I’m in love with all your writing instruction articles but the only book of yours I’ve managed to track down so far was Memory of Fire, and I’d love to have more to read and share with my friends!

  47. Ann Avatar

    I hope you’ve been getting some of the rain from the storm. I hear it’s headed my way in a couple days (yeah-days of rain is sure better than a Bermuda high).

  48. Ann Avatar

    Yes please. I’m also interested in the ancient historical fiction. I’ll also have give aways with the ones I’ve already got (or giveaway my copies if the ones you send are signed or unique *g*). Thanks.
    P.S. I’m sorry to hear about your wrists, I hope you feel better soon.

  49. PolarBear Avatar

    Oh, and I hope the wrists get better soon. What’s the Mac equivalent of The Dragon?

  50. PolarBear Avatar


    I’m happy to pay shipping. I’ll have giveaways for any books I decide not to keep. I haven’t read much ancient historical fiction, but I’m curious, so please include. As for anything else, send me what you think I’d like. If what you send is different, more unusual, more special than the copies I’ve picked up, I’ll give away my current copies.