A bit of fun before things get hairy again. 1502 words, 81,251 total

Today I introduced a solution to one problem my MC is facing that is going to be the creator of many more problems.

And made myself laugh a couple of times while I did it, and enjoyed building out the new location that will be the source of these problems.

It was a delightful writing day (and starting in the wee small hours of the morning did not hurt, either). Got my three hours in and a better-than-necessary word-count and it’s only about ten-thirty AM as I write this.

I stopped at the logical stopping point so that I’ll be able to pick back up on Monday and not wonder What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

And I started today’s words out with negative numbers, because I had junk in yesterday’s words that I had to remove. Not a lot.Ohio 3 negative start 2021 06 18 at 8 29 19 AMJust 121.

But as Fridays go, this one was better than usual.

AND now I have fewer than 10,000 words to go to finish the novel. (In theory. The other two ran long, and this one probably will, too — but if I can, I’ll wrap at 90K.)

I’m going to have to rework the ending of the outline to make that work.  THAT I’ll do next Monday

Have a wonderful weekend!


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