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Blog Rules

I’ve had to delete a number of posts recently, and I hate doing that. I had rules up on my weblog for years explaining what I would let stay and what I would delete, and why, and the regulars here apparently memorized them, and by following them created something of a culture of “this is… Continue reading Blog Rules

“Their” reality, and the REAL reality

Back to global warming, and the following astonishing article. (Thanks to Jim Woosley for the link) The world has never seen such freezing heat I was reading comments on one other article about global warming—in which the sad state of the global warmists increasingly frayed argument was being discussed—and one snarky young thing said, “It… Continue reading “Their” reality, and the REAL reality

Two Recommended Articles

WorldWatch – January 15, 2006 – Iraq — Quit or Stay? – The Ornery American National Policy Analysis, Global Warming I’m getting writing on Cady II done at the moment, but I received one of these links from a friend, and found the other one from the first one, and I highly, HIGHLY recommend both.

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