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  • Global Warming? You’ll wish…

    I’ve been saying all along that the global warming scare is just that: an attempt to divert massive amounts of money and power into the hands of a bunch of fearmongers who prey on the gullibility of people who don’t want to learn science. Here’s the latest. Forget global warming – it’s Cycle 25 we…

  • Climate change, sure. Global warming, nuh-uh.

    The TimesOnline UK on global warming.

  • Canadian Article on Global Warming

    Good article. Raises the questions that need to be raised about Al Gore’s global warming movie.

  • And AGAIN With the Global Warming

    Deep sigh. Amid the screeches of “Global warming is causing these hurricanes!,” I’d like to offer a few notes to the contrary. The first is on the cyclical nature of hurricane formation, the second is on the Milankovitch cycles and glaciation, the third is on sunspot activity as it affects climate. We’re heading into the…

  • Blog Rules

    I’ve had to delete a number of posts recently, and I hate doing that. I had rules up on my weblog for years explaining what I would let stay and what I would delete, and why, and the regulars here apparently memorized them, and by following them created something of a culture of “this is…

  • Keynote Address From The 2009 International Conference on Climate Change

    More on Global Warming. Global Climate Crisis… Weather… Whatever. And my previous posts on same.

  • “Their” reality, and the REAL reality

    Back to global warming, and the following astonishing article. (Thanks to Jim Woosley for the link) The world has never seen such freezing heat I was reading comments on one other article about global warming—in which the sad state of the global warmists increasingly frayed argument was being discussed—and one snarky young thing said, “It…

  • And More on that Perpetually Fascinating Subject . . .

    Global Warming. From OpinionJournal. Alarmists are using witch-hunts and funding blackmail to force silence from dissenters. Why is this not surprising?

  • Two Recommended Articles

    WorldWatch – January 15, 2006 – Iraq — Quit or Stay? – The Ornery American National Policy Analysis, Global Warming I’m getting writing on Cady II done at the moment, but I received one of these links from a friend, and found the other one from the first one, and I highly, HIGHLY recommend both.

  • Betting With the Russians

    Interesting side article on global warming. Me, I think the Russians will win the bet.