761 New Ohio 5 Words… and a face-to-face with a feisty hero

In spite of everything (and right at the moment, the HollysWritingClasses.com website and getting it live seems like the monster EVERYTHING that’s stomping out of the ocean to invade Tokyo), I got words this morning.

And I like them. I’m about to arm one of my MC’s newest buddies with ancient weapons and set him against a high-tech, well-armed enclosure to attempt a rescue… 

And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Now, however, I have to go back to setting up the 50%-off ten-day new-site launch sale. I’m doing pricing boxes… which is right up there in entertainment value with… well… metaphors fail me.

I’m somewhere between planting acorns and watching them turn into oaks, and things that involve impact zones between big fat books and foreheads.

But, dammit.

It will be done, and once it’s done, it’ll be spiffy as hell.

So… on to that.

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