760 words

By Holly Lisle

I always expect more words the first time I check the count. I’m always disappointed. Later on, I usually have more than I expect, and am delighted by my progress, but that first check is always frustrating.

I’ve gotten so that I hold off on checking, just so I won’t get a low first number — and I always do anyway. Dammit.

Story’s coming along all right. Tonight’s scene is Lauren and Jake and Pete, and some of Lauren’s ghosts. It’s mostly a set-up scene for what will come later, so the conflict is all of the bridging sort — small, low-key, useful for developing character and bringing in some backstory, but not too flash-bang exciting in its own right. Of course, you can’t go killing people off every single scene. But you can’t write tedious scenes, either.

Ghosts of a Future Lost playing right now — how appropriate.

It’s a sign. Time to bring in the ghosts.

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