7-Day Crash Revision Workshop, and World Clinic #wabwm

Spent the weekend putting together a new version of 7-Day Crash Revision, which when it’s done I’ll be able to offer as a self-directed 1-week course most of the time, and as a genuine live workshop occasionally. Have the PDF, ePub and Kindle versions done.

It isn’t finished yet…still have to do the worksheets and get it set up on the shop (am considering offering an available print version upgrade, too.) That’ll be available soon.

Today, back to Create A World Clinic. Starting today with 3188 words. Hard to imagine that being 10% of the whole project, but being concise and making sure every word adds something necessary is a critical part of every one of the Clinics. (And I’ve added digressions in every single one of them, but the digression content is, I think, as essential as the purely on-topic content.)

So that’s me. How about you?

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2 responses to “7-Day Crash Revision Workshop, and World Clinic #wabwm”

  1. Lee Avatar

    On an important scene that’s giving me fits. It’s an important one in that it will set into motion a number of events important to the story overall and several characters in particular.

    Involves an antagonist that isn’t an antagonist in the purist sense of the content. Probably could be considered a woman trying to survive politically as well as physically and some of her choices are not going to be… honorable in the strictest sense of the word.

  2. Robert Slater Avatar

    I’d love to do a trial or an ARC on this! 😉 If you’re doing something like that.

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