531 Words, Nice little conflict

My hero, having underestimated my heroine’s attention to detail, has just discovered that what he thought would be a comment of no importance has given her the ammo she needs to hunt him down.

Writing went beautifully tonight. And, fried, I’m going to call it a night on that progress.

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6 responses to “531 Words, Nice little conflict”

  1. Tori Avatar

    Holly- Then I am very glad I am taking this course. When it comes to the conflict I create…it just never seems that important to the story I wish to tell. And then I am left feeling disappointed in myself and my writing.

    Mar- Thank you. It makes me feel better knowing that there is hope for my writing and maybe possibly I am not the only one with such struggles.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Texanne—I slept wonderfully. 😀 A good writing night does seem to help.

    Tori—Think Sideways digs heavily into creating conflict, which far from being a little detail, is Job #1 for the writer.

    Mar—:D It surprised me. I love it when that happens.

    And Jim, it’s DTD, short for Dreaming the Dead. That typeface is small, and having it all caps the way I do doesn’t help much. I know better… I just didn’t have room on the line for the whole project name.

  3. Jim Shannon Avatar

    Hi Holly, your 3rd progress meter “OTO” or does it read “DTD”? its kind of hard to read with these tired old eyes 🙂

  4. MarFisk Avatar

    Sounds like one of those killer moments, Holly.

    And Tori, Thinking Sideways does help work out ways to discover more conflict in your stories.

  5. Tori Avatar

    I wish my stories had this much conflict Holly! Maybe taking your writing course could possibly help me with this little detail.

  6. Texanne Avatar

    Yes. It is always best to fall asleep with a victory fresh in your mind. Peace.

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