5-Day Workweek … Interesting Concept

I took both Saturday and Sunday off, and I mean really off. I shut down the office on Friday night, and have just walked into it this morning without having been in here since. It’s a remarkable feeling. I haven’t written, or worked on the site, or read e-mail, or done anything even remotely writing-related for two complete days.

This is almost unimaginable. I feel rested, I feel enthused about the book, and I’m in a hurry to get started. I’m not sure if this wacky two-days-off business could work for me over the long haul, but Friday I was frustrated and exhausted and stuck. If this week goes well, I might take that as a sign that seven days a week isn’t my best solution anymore, and institute planned days off.

That said, I’m starting at 35,920 words on C this morning, and want to hit 38,920 or better by the end of my session today.

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