43,670 The Goal, Plus Change

And on time, too. Dia and her EMT buddies went diving. Things didn’t turn out too well.

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5 responses to “43,670 The Goal, Plus Change”

  1. Hel Avatar

    I’ve been diving for about 9 years, been teaching for almost 6… the only accident I’ve ever encountered was when my brother was practicing his breath hold diving techniques in the pool and nearly drowned (yay for my CPR training).

    Oh and then I also cave dive… few more deaths in that realm… but no one I know- so far.

  2. FrankA Avatar

    Ah yes. There is LOTS of room for intentional accidents with diving gear.

  3. Holly Avatar

    The problem with Dia’s dive wasn’t an accident. It was intentional.

  4. FrankA Avatar

    Diving can be dangerous, but the accident rate is about the same as bowling. Very low. Most of that is due to the training required to get certified. That has been eroded in recent years, but it’s still tough.

    One of my instructors was former Navy Seals. He was hard on us, but for a good reason. If anything ever does go wrong, you want to do the right thing to save yourself without having to think about it.

    I had a high-pressure hose blow on my once. Emptied out my tank in about 8 seconds. Accidents do happen.

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Yay! Ya’ know, diving is a dangerous sport.

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