Cady gets an ad campaign

imageshl-htcb-lots-180×360-ac.jpg It occurred to me today that, in the almost-year I’ve had an affiliate program, I never did an ad for Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood.

So today I created an HTCB campaign. Still working on the other ads, haven’t uploaded any of them to the affiliate program just yet, but I think this does the story justice.

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2 responses to “Cady gets an ad campaign”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I want to do more books in the world. I’m hoping affiliates can encourage people to try Cady, so I can write more Cady.

  2. Maxx Avatar


    I’m a big fan of this world, the story and characters. I think Cady is well-deserving of the ad.

    Great job!

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