409 words on Ohio Five… and the shoe dropped. PLUS a site update.

My MC’s bad day just got a whole lot worse…

But then (as I finally get to bring out into the open a secret story thread that started back in Book 1) I got to add a tiny bit of sunshine to the story.

My poor main character is still going to have a rotten day. But now at least she knows it isn’t as rotten as it could have been.

UPDATE ON THE HollysWritingClasses.com SITE… We’re lined up for the final tests.

Once we’ve done those successfully, we’ll move the site.

The moving part will go quickly. Getting people back in won’t, because we have to start with small groups and fix things that may have broken in the move, and then move in larger groups.

I think we have pretty much everyone now, but for any HWC members who might not have added themselves to the HWC member list, here’s the Member form that adds the HWC MEMBER tag, and that will make sure you get your new-software login instructions and invitation:



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