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4000+ Words Per Day — 8 Comments

  1. Well Holly, that is very impressive actually 4000+ words is good. I have been averaging about 5600 for 16-months and occassionally bump it up to 14,000. So I definitely know how you feel on that. I think you are doing VERY GOOD and I am impressed and you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you! Lance

  2. Good thing you got your blood pressure under control first! I’m sure you’ll find a way to work through all this.

    It might cheer you up to know that ISY was on the front table of my Borders — next to THE DA VINCI CODE. 🙂

  3. Dear Ms. Holly Lisle,

    I’m reading your ebook ‘Mugging the Muse’ and I was in the middle of the article entitled ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ when I started to cry because of this:

    You started writing because you loved to write. You loved to tell stories. You wanted to let your mind run. And somewhere along the way, unless I miss my guess, some coach told you that you were doing it all wrong. Wrong grammar. Wrong style. Wrong subject matter. Somebody who had been doing it for a while blew your doors off, and you looked at him, and you listened to that coach, and you started giving up the part of you that loved to run because that part of you didn’t run right. You were trying to be some other writer, someone who was already out there doing what you wanted to be doing, because all of a sudden you realized that you weren’t good enough. You got so caught up in doing it right that you lost sight of why the hell you were doing it in the first place.

    This has been my biggest struggle to overcome in order to be A Writer, and you nailed it in one paragraph. The full-time job, the tiredness, the lack of inspiration, those are all excuses. I just have to find a way to make the Bad Coaches shut the hell up while I’m trying to do the fun part. I’m sometimes more/sometimes less successful at that.

    I’m glad you have Project Blue to help remind you why you’re a writer in the first place. And I’m thankful that I found your site, beyond what mere words can say.

  4. Wow! 4K a day, that’s amazing. Sorry about the rejections and Hawkspar deadline falling apart, but it’s great to hear about the good words you are getting. I’m hoping it all gets published and I get a chance to read it.

    Hang in there!!!

  5. Holly, it’s just awesome that you’re hitting 4k a day. Wow! I have the utmost faith that you’ll make all these projects a reality.

    Just, wow.

    {{huggg}} Hang in there!

  6. Holly, you can do it. I”m sorry to hear about the rejections, but I know you’ll perservere and find the markets you need and deserve.

  7. Yowza…4K a day is a rate I still dream of reaching. Just picked up I See You…when my own deadlines let up a bit, I will dive into it as a reward.

    Awesome…Holly, you inspire me no end.

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