3420 Words

3420 words between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Got going and couldn’t stop.

Oh, man. I cannot believe what happened. I finally got to witness the betrayal of humankind first hand. I sort of knew what had happened. Sort of. I hadn’t even begun to imagine the details.

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8 responses to “3420 Words”

  1. Holly Avatar

    “I love the way this book is happening to you.” That just about exactly defines the process this time through. It’s amazing. And it’s been tremendous fun.

    As for ways to support the book. I’ve come to the conclusion that where you buy it isn’t critical. Indies are much more likely to support the series than chains in my case, but both buying from chains and buying from the onlines still count.

    If, however, you can encourage people you know to pick up copies, THAT’s critical. Word of mouth by readers will do more for a book than anything else.

  2. InkGypsy Avatar

    Great stuff Holly! So wonderful to see the ups and downs of the story and writing progress (mostly ‘ups’ which is wonderful) and to see the discoveries happening with an outline (I still struggle to not have the writing deflate somewhat with even the simplest/shortest notes eg. ‘Jane hides in tree – makes unusual discovery’ – but no notes tends to make middles very difficult..). Seeing your adventures on your WIP definitely helps me in mine! I hope you post like this when you’re revising too (please) 🙂

    One question: what is the best way to support your novel release and increase demand for your books? Is it pre-ordering through Amazon or asking my local B&N to make sure they order it? I read your post/essay on writers vs the evils of the chain store ordering and want to do my bit to support good books and writers (ie. YOU and someday some of us).

  3. arrvee Avatar

    I love the way this book is happening to you. I’m envious.

  4. TinaK Avatar

    Oh, I know this is the second book. I’m just so impatient to start the first book I keep checking to see if it’ll get released earlier. LOL Sometimes Amazon does ship a bit before the actual release date but not this far ahead.

    It amazes me how long it takes the book to get from your desk to my hands.

    Awesome work you do Holly! Awesome!

  5. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, Matt. It was a wild writing day.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Tina,

    Oh, this is all going in the book. And a lot I’m NOT saying, because I hate spoilers.

    Ruby Key is coming out on May 1st. The one I’m writing now is The Silver Door, which is the second book in the series, and is due in to my editor the first of March. And will probably be on the shelves May-ish 2009.

    I know this seems weird, but books have long lead times.

  7. TinaK Avatar

    Wait! Is this going in the book or is it all back story we won’t see much of? I keep looking at my Amazon pre-orders hoping the ship date for The Ruby Key changes. It’s not. *grump*

  8. MattScudder Avatar

    Holy smokes! I sit in awe at your word-count. Nice work.

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