300 Seats in Think Sideways

I’d intended to make 50 seats available for each Think Sideways class. Huge interest (about 290 folks already pre-registered), and being able to handle the number of questions and e-mails from a group that size have convinced me to go ahead and increase class size to 300 people.

(If I get swamped or overrun when things go live, the next class will be MUCH smaller.)

This has two benefits for you. The first is that with more seats, more folks will have a chance of getting in.

The second is that I’ve been able to revise my planned price downward. I’m still debating price, and I don’t want to announce a price and then change it. So I’m still a few weeks off from taking that public. I’m still planning on taking the course live in late July.

However, though certainly not all of the folks who are pre-registered will register in the first hour (when the course goes live), a lot will. Enough that it makes the chance of seats coming open publicly for the first class pretty iffy. And if the price I’m now considering is as good as I think it is, figure that any seats that do go public will be gone very quickly.

If you’d like to guarantee your best shot of getting a seat, go here:

Sign up, confirm your subscription, and you’ll get the info you need to pre-register.

By the way, when you pre-register, you’ll find the opening part of the Movie One movie. I’ve gotten much better at doing these, and the sound quality is now acceptable throughout.

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3 responses to “300 Seats in Think Sideways”

  1. Kyralae Avatar


    I just finished going through the first lesson movie and it was excellent. I’m running Windows Vista and Quicktime for the movie player. All worked well from the download to the playback. I have to say your format was a lot better than the handwriting of the first demo. Sound was nice and clear also. Well done!

  2. Holly Avatar

    Bonnie, thank you so much. I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy the book.

    I still want to write REDBIRD, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. bonniew Avatar

    Hey Holly, I just wanted to tell you I found “Hawkspar” in the wild today, at Hasting’s. There were two copies. I bought one.

    I almost never buy hardbacks, and certainly not at full price. But after reading about all the trouble you had with this book, I wanted to help you out. I loved “Talyn,” and I hope you get to write your third book about Korre.

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