2YN: The Two-Year Novel Course–Year One, by Lazette Gifford

Two Year Novel Course: Set 1 (2YN) (English Edition ...I’m delighted to be able to present 2YN: The Two-Year Novel Course–Year One, by Lazette Gifford. This is the e-book form of Zette’s wildly successful, standing-room only online course on Forward Motion that takes writers step by step from the very first idea for writing a novel to the day it ships off to the editor or publisher. Book One (469 pages, $9.95) is available now, and Zette is working on Book Two, which will cover the second year of the course.

This comprehensive, sane, and fun writing course is the answer to the question “How do I write a novel?”–from coming up with ideas all the way through to publication. Gifford, a writer, editor, and associate publisher, and the owner of the Forward Motion Writers’ Community, guides you one logical step at a time through every step of writing your novel. From making sure your idea is a good one (or coming up with a new idea), through developing your characters, building your world, outlining your story, writing your first draft, rethinking and reworking your second draft, doing final edits, and finally sending your work off to an editor or publisher, Gifford makes sure you’ll never need to ask the dreaded question “What do I do now?”

Two Year Novel Course: Set 1 (2YN) (English Edition ...

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2 responses to “2YN: The Two-Year Novel Course–Year One, by Lazette Gifford”

  1. PolarBear Avatar

    I also did the first course on FM. I second BJ’s observations. I picked up my copy last night. I had the honor of helping Zette try to find those annoying errors that crop into any writing project (you know the type — synonyms, double words, etc). I hope we caught them all, but as I was reading, I was delighted to find refinements from what I remember from the first course.

    When you buy this version, you’re getting the time-tested, tried-and-true edition (the on-line members-only version of this class is in its third year, and this book reflects the experience Zette gained while teaching each class). Zette has always been up-front about planning to sell the course, and she’s done a wonderful job putting it together for writers of all levels.

  2. BJSteeves Avatar

    I did the first course on FM, and I highly recomend it to ANY writer, whether you are just starting out, or have been writing for quite a while. So I will be purchasing this book ASAP

    I hope to see the second book soon.

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