24 (the TV show)

By Holly Lisle

Yesterday I took a day off. My older son and I sat on the couch and watched episodes of 24 from the DVD set he got from his grandparents. I’m enthralled. It isn’t television — the creators and actors have managed — by devoting twenty-four hours (minus ad breaks) to a single day of story — to give the series the depth that television lacks. They also apparently had a good budget, because the production quality is superb. Acting is also excellent — all of the major cast so far has been brilliant. Some of the extras have been laughably bad, to the degree that Stephen King was bad in the television version of The Stand, and I find myself wondering who they’re related to, or what strings they pulled to get parts. Nevertheless, extras don’t last long in this series. If you hate them, they’ll get shot soon.

Although my son assures me that many of the storylines get painfully contrived at around episode 3:00 pm and don’t pull themselves together for a while, they aren’t contrived yet, and, eight hours into the thing, all I can say is, if you haven’t seen this yet, you should. It’s amazing.

And with that note, I’ll get to back to work on Gods Old and Dark, where today Molly and Seolar deal with Molly’s peculiar curse, and their future.

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