2,357 words today, and BASHTYK NOKYD is done.

By Holly Lisle

Longview Oil Painting Talyn StyleThe first draft of Bashtyk Nokyd Takes The Longview is now finished. It runs 21,790 words, and I am damned pleased with the way my ending came together.

Melie spots something important, Shay loses something even more important, and the monster get an excuse to come out of the box.

So I have tomorrow to do a write-in revision, and maybe type that in, and then get the story to my editor over the weekend. Next week, it’ll go to the copyeditor, and then back to me.

But while it’s out of my hands, I’ll do the next lesson on HTWAS Module Three, and do my best to have that in the classroom next Friday.

Which means the How To Write A Series class will be starting back to work next week. Which means next FRIDAY, the price goes up again, in recognition of the development of the third module. If you want the course, you have until next Friday to get it at the current price.

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