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Help Make “Born from Fire” a FREE book — 14 Comments

  1. Done! All four. (evil grin!) I’m happy to help bombard Amazon for you. They’ve had plenty of time to straighten it out.

    • Thanks. Me, too. You’d think, when the story front-ends one series and connects directly to a second, that they’d be thrilled to do a “First One’s Free” thing.

      Evidence suggests: Not so much.

  2. Gosh, that is obnoxious to deal with. Went through each link so did that four times for you. I’ve only ever had to do it once with a book of mine. I know it can take a few weeks for everything to update, but if you’ve had people telling them all this time (I think I may have helped you out the last time, but with my brain, I can’t remember), you’d think they’d have changed it by now. Hopefully this time they’ll do it. 🙂

  3. Hi there!

    I went to the amazon page, but couldn’t find the, ‘would you like to tell us about a lower price,’ link. At first I thought it was because I wasn’t ligged in, but I had the same results when I logged in as well. It might be, because I’m doing it through my iPhone, in which case I’ll try tomorrow from my computer.
    I took a screenshot, but it doesn’t want to paste into the comment. I’ll see if I can add it to your post on twitter, so you can see what I got.

    • Hi, Hannetjie! I’ve had the same problem when using a cell phone. The “report a different price” link did not show up for me, either.

      I’m pretty sure it’s intentional on Amazon’s part.

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