2,162 words, and a nice cliffhanger

Moved the story forward quite a way today in spite of obstacles. I had to pull out some of what I wrote yesterday, because I had an idea for increasing conflict and tension and decided to run with that when I got to work this morning. Plus, I’m having to work in enough backstory that people picking up this volume as their first contact with the series will know what’s going on, but even so, I managed to develop the core problem — creating a buffer against the ravages of the Night Watch — while still working in some background about the Sentinels, Lauren’s budding and conflicted relationship with Pete, and the workings of magic in this universe. Overall, a good morning. I grossed 2,162 words, though my net was about 500 less due to rip-outs of some of yesterday’s material. I like this new direction better, though.

Going to have to call it quits for the rest of the day, though, and probably won’t make it into the community until my class at 11:00 AM — and then I’m going to have to leave right afterward. I have to get more of the copyedit revisions of The Wreck of Heaven finished, and my copyeditor and I disagree pretty severely about commas and where they should — and should not — go. I have the STET stamp that Jim Baen gave me nine or ten years ago out on the manuscript waiting. I’ve never used it in all these years — but for this book I might.

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  1. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    > "STET"?

    It’s Latin for "Leave my goddamn commas alone."

    Actually, it’s a copyediting note that informs the typesetter to set that bit of the manuscript as written by the author, and not as corrected by the copyeditor.

    Prior to this particular copyeditor, I probably used STET four or five times in a book. Now I’m lucky if I’m not using it that often per page.


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