2142 words, Jealousy, Enemies, and Suspicion

By Holly Lisle

I’m one third of the way through Chapter Two now, and the story is unfolding beautifully — I’m really enjoying seeing the little one-line comments that I used to create the outline become full-blown scenes with conflict and adventure and people that I like. Heyr is fun. I knew he would be, but once I started writing him, he really came to life for me. Pete’s jealous of him already, poor guy.

He’s also suspicious, and with good reason. Heyr might have spent years hiding a big secret, but now he’s hit Cat Creek, and he isn’t too worried about people noticing that he’s not quite … right …

And the battle on the downworld worked out surprisingly well. It was short — less than half the scene, but the special effects turned out nicely, and I got some good tension from it. Good writing day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, too — I go to Baanraak and Molly, and a scene I’ve been dying to write since I met Baanraak in the last book.

I love my job.

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