2135 words — the scene got wings

Why it didn’t get wings three hours ago, I don’t know. But better late than never.

Baanraak is … cool. You’re not supposed to like your villains, even though to write them well you have to love some part of them. Because if you like your villains, you have a tendency to soften them, and let them lose some of their edges, and not take chances with their behavior. But I alread know what this SOB is going to do, and it’s awful — and I still like him. How sick is that? It’s because … Baanraak is cool. I already loved his power, his intelligence, and his great looks (he’s covered with opalescent black scales, he has teeth as long as a big man’s hand, and his yellow eyes reflect light in the darkness like a cat’s.) He’s meaty, though. He has personality all over the place, and it isn’t focused on evil — though he’s sure willing to immerse himself completely in the evil pool to get a job done.

He has the book equivalent of screen heat. He’s fun to write. He’s baaaaaad.

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