Month: May 2011

  • On Memorial Day

    Freedom isn’t free. I hold in my heart today the men and women who died fighting to preserve the freedoms of my country. And I think of my kid, who’s in harm’s way right now. Download as PDFPrint Page

  • The Ghost Story, WABWM, and TALYSMANA

    I finished my ghost story. Title? >>>–4EVR—> The title means a lot. I got it to Trisha Telep in time, heard back that I’d made the deadline—and we are NOT going to talk about the morning-to-next-morning hours I worked for several days getting that revision done. What was supposed to have been a 6500-word story…

  • Three Weeks Of The Think Sideways Walkthrough

    I forgot. I’ve just been swamped, and I forgot to post here to let folks know that I have three sampler pages from the How To Think Sideways Walkthrough available for everyone to use. You get the complete content, including audio and downloads, for the first page of each of the following three weeks: Week…