The Morality of Money?

The question of the morality of writers making a living from their writing has landed in my in-box and in other locations I’ve frequented a few times in the past, and it will no doubt come up again in the future. I got an angry, nasty email from one writer clearly against writers being compensated for their work, though, and … Continue reading →

“I Have A [Writing] Dream”

Fiction is my passion. Stories that matter and that have something to say were my earliest independent love, they have been the focus of my creativity for a quarter century now, and I have made them my career. Now, a few months from fifty, I want to tell you about the vision I have for the future of writing and … Continue reading →

Chaos, Plain and Fancy…And A Tiny Island Of Sanity

The move is done—at least the part where we’re moving heavy-ass boxes from place to place. We had help…his youngest brother and his brother’s girlfriend, my daughter and son-in-law. Which is the reason I’m not in a hospital now, frankly. I’ve discovered I’m not as sturdy as I once was. We’re under the new roof, and have spent a night … Continue reading →

Think Sideways Students Win Big

I missed passing on several of my How To Think Sideways students’ really cool recent writing news because things have been a bit hectic lately. But I wanted to give them public cheers. Cat Gerlach won the Lucky Agent Contest with her first HTTS class project, the novel Thicker Than Water. Ieva (student ID) placed a short-story class project—and this … Continue reading →

Final Brain-Surgery Update

I’m bleary-eyed and exhausted from several weeks of worry and lack of sleep, but I’m back. The news is excellent. My brother-in-law came through the second surgery beautifully. He’s at home today, and while he’ll be on disability for a couple of months while he recuperates, he is himself, and all the horrible things that could have happened didn’t. I’m … Continue reading →

The Still-Gone Update

Here’s where I am: My brother-in-law did great through the first half of the procedures and surgeries to remove the massive hemangioma in his brain. That was Wednesday and Thursday. He goes through the identical set of procedures this Wednesday and Thursday to get the other half. We’ve been at the hospital every day, and will be there for him … Continue reading →